Small Steps to Reinvention

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Small Steps to Reinvention

lf you’re a Baby Boomer like me, you have had many experiences that led you to where you are today. You may be feeling restless to move in a new life direction, but not sure how to do that. Just as an artist can create a beautiful painting, you too have the ability to create and design your life with elements that are most important to you. 

Take stock of where you are now. identify what is working and what isn’t. Like cleaning and beautifying your favorite room, ask yourself what is essential to you and what is not. Once you understand where you are, you can uncover what is missing from your life. Ask yourself what will enhance your life and what will not. What do you want and need to have in that ideal life? 

Just as you want to enjoy being in your favorite room, you want to enjoy being in your life, too. Write out what that new life looks like, sounds like and feels like to you. In other words, describe it.  The clearer the picture, the easier it is to know what to aim for. 

Cultivate a creative, adventurous and fun spirit in the process of reinventing yourself. Create your own “bucket list” or “life list” of everything you want to do and experience in your life. Take cues from this list and try out a few of these ideas, whether it be a fun class, joining a special interest club, learning how to make fantastic Italian dinners or salsa dancing. This will open up your creative side to other areas of your brilliance that you may want to use to start a business, engage civically or just make life more fun. 

Identify and seek out resources to support you on your reinvention journey. Ask family, friends, colleagues and professionals for support to help you get to where you want to be. Take a small step forward to paving your new path in the direction you want to go. What might be a first small step for you?