Facilitated Groups

Facilitated Groups

A Master Mind created with your own personal and professional success in mind.

A Master Mind is a group of individuals committed to helping each other achieve personal & professional dreams.

This group is special because it is a purposefully small, confidential group that employs novel creative philosophy and techniques proven to be effective in goal achievement – making the entire process fun, collaborative and powerful for forward movement!

This Mini Master Mind will help you:

  • Achieve your dreams and intentions
  • Move easily forward on your personal & professional projects
  • Tap into your creativity & the creativity of the group
  • Share ideas, resources, encouragement, & celebrations
  • Receive help weekly from other members weekly when in the “Hot/Choice Seat”
  • Try out new ideas and take action!
  • Learn new creativity concepts and tools during the weekly mini teaching sessions
  • Receive gentle Accountability
  • Share challenges and solutions
  • Build sustainable momentum to your goals

What is Unique about this Master Mind?

The Creativity Annex is styled after Kaizen Muse Infused Master Mind ™ (KMIMM)

  • Focuses on your process
  • Uses Kaizen philosophy of taking small steps to continuous improvement
  • Invites in the Whimsical Muses to Inspire and Infuse creativity directly into your project and your life!
  • F-U-N Tools and processes allows you to navigate past barriers to become the creative artist/muse in achieving your dreams
  • Utilizes a flexible structure & agenda
  • Encourages thinking differently and imaginatively – using both sides of the brain
  • Provides 4 Mini teaching sessions on creativity tools, tips and techniques
  • It is a totally creative experience!

The Creativity Annex is a four week Mini Master Mind which may be held as an on-line group session (via computer or phone) or an in-person venue at my home (Virginia). The 4 sessions are 1.5 hours each.  The groups are small to ensure each member receives individualized time devoted to their project. Dates and times flexible with each group.

Receive a FREE package if you sign up 3 other participants!

This is a 6-week virtual class based on the popular book Too Young To Retire: 101 ways to Start the Rest of Life by Marika and Howard Stone.

The class will be facilitated via Zoom for 6 consecutive weeks and each class is 90 minutes in length. The book is included in your price for the series. It is an interactive class which means that each person contributes and participates so that you receive the maximum benefit from the collective wisdom, support and connections of the group. This creates a more more fun and dynamic class.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • The New Retirement or Un-Retirement Concept
  • Money: How Your Relationship With it May Affect Your New or Un-Retirement
  • Work: Reworking work: How Much, When, and Where
  • Volunteering/Civic Engagement: Value of Giving Back
  • 101 Ideas for the Open Minded
  • Wellness: Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Leisure: Getting the Balance Right for You
  • Next Steps

Spend 6 weeks with other like-minded people in this powerful and fun workshop series and you will be well prepared to shape a future based on well considered choices. 

Join in and make new connections with conversations that matter where you can share and gain wisdom from the group. Experience how this powerful interactive learning process will provide you with the clarity of what matters to you as the class supports you in setting goals and taking action. Creating new possibilities for yourself is what 2Y2R is all about. 

Contact Eileen for next available class.

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