Master Mind Groups

The Creativity Annex

A Master Mind created with your own personal and professional success in mind.

A Master Mind is a group of individuals committed to helping each other achieve personal & professional dreams.

This group is special because it is a purposefully small, confidential group that employs novel creative philosophy and techniques proven to be effective in goal achievement – making the entire process fun, collaborative and powerful for forward movement!

This Mini Master Mind will help you:

  • Achieve your dreams
  • Move easily forward on your personal & professional projects
  • Tap into your creativity & the creativity of the group
  • Share ideas, resources, encouragement, & celebrations
  • Receive help weekly from other members weekly when in the “Hot/Choice Seat”
  • Try out new ideas and take action!
  • Learn new creativity concepts and tools during the weekly mini teaching sessions
  • Receive gentle Accountability
  • Share challenges and solutions
  • Build sustainable momentum to your goals

What is Unique about this Master Mind?

The Creativity Annex is styled after Kaizen Muse Infused Master Mind ™ (KMIMM)

  • Focuses on your process
  • Uses Kaizen philosophy of taking small steps to continuous improvement
  • Invites in the Whimsical Muses to Inspire and Infuse creativity directly into your project and your life!
  • F-U-N Tools and processes allows you to navigate past barriers to become the creative artist/muse in achieving your dreams
  • Utilizes a flexible structure & agenda
  • Encourages thinking differently and imaginatively – using both sides of the brain
  • Provides 4 Mini teaching sessions on creativity tools, tips and techniques
  • It is a totally creative experience!

The Details

The Creativity Annex is a four week Mini Master Mind which may be held as an on-line group session (via computer or phone) or an in-person venue at my home (Virginia). The 4 sessions are 1.5 hours each.  The groups are small to ensure each member receives individualized time devoted to their project. Dates and times flexible with each group.

Package Price: $97 per person
Receive a FREE package if you sign up 3 other participants!

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